Toronto celebrating New Year, 2022

New Year is amazing in Toronto. 

There are lots of places to go even during the COV-19 pandemic. Torontonians are excited to welcome 2022 after beating up COV-19 successfully.

Happy faces filled Toronto streets last night shouting and screaming to embrace their perfect life in the New Year with lots of hope and joy in the best winter night of the coming year.

City Hall, New Year 2022
City Hall New Year, 2022

City Hall was illuminated with lots of lights with the youngs and olds who were ice skating on it’s frozen rink last night.

Fireworks splashed to the air and glowed up to the sky above the Lake Shore falling down the sparkles spinning to the air.

City Hall Christmas Tree
City Hall Christmas Tree 2022, Toronto

City Hall Christmas Tree was perhaps one the biggest Christmas Trees in the world which was decorated from tip to toe, shining like a beautiful bride there.



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