Population Growth

Population Growth Graph-wikiPopulation growth is an increase in the number of individuals within an area. “Our world is at risk of uncontrolled population growth that outputs air pollution, higher crime rates, poverty, unemployment, economic inflammation, reduction of natural resources and more problems. Population growth targets the lower ranks of society and victimizes them to serve the richer ones. ”The problem has been reduced with help of some population control programs. In countries where this policy is not included in government rules, it’s of course the duty of people themselves to prevent higher growth of population simply by reducing the number of births.

The world Population is expected to keep growing. An estimate shows that the total population will increase by 8.6 billion until mid-2030, 9.8 billion till mid-2050 and 11.2 billion till 2100.

According to World Health Organization, women are living longer than men from 2019. More than 141 million children will be born: 73 million boys and 68 million girls. Based on recent mortality risks the boys will live on average 69.8 years and the girls 74.2 years with a difference of 4.4 years. Life expectancy at age 60 years is also greater for women than men.

In 2018, WHO had estimated that more than 141 million children would be born in 2019 including 73 million boys and 68 million girls.

Based on recent mortality risks, the boys will live on average 69.8 years and the girls 74.2 years with a difference of 4.4 years in their life span. 

Our populated world of 7, 752,956,000 limits complete access to food, medication, money, job, land and etc for everyone. No where held responsible and people continue giving birth and adding to population size and causing the consequences without knowing how they are negatively affecting those children’s lives besides the world we are living in. Some children are born without a long term plan for their future in unreliable conditions and could definitely be considered as the victims of those unprepared, unplanned and uncontrolled deliveries.

While there are numerous successful and satisfied people, there are also significant numbers of criminals, those in trouble in addition to victims of war, disease and social misconducts. Consequences of population growth may cause great impacts on people’s lives and fade out their ability to resist, trapping them in an unwanted, wrong situation which couldn’t be predicted in any way from birth. 

China with a population of 1,436,471,277, India with 1,372,998,644, and the USA with 330,004,466 people, are the most populated countries of the world.

Based on statistics, the world population will grow by 10,000,000,000 till 2100.

On 25th December 2019 about 60,583 babies were born while approximately 25,500 people died. The statistics in 2019 show the rate of birth for 137,460,938 while death rate was 57,709,668. Based on this information the population increased to 79,752,209 last year. 

Although the growth of population is fairly reduced in comparison with past decades, but it’s still concerning because population growth always leaves significant numbers of victims. In comparison, the world population has been doubled in the past 40 years from 1959 to 1999, from 3 billion to 6 billion, while in the next 40 years it will have an increase of 50% and it will take 200 years from now to be doubled.  But we must notice that the population is almost saturated in recent decades so this improvement can not be taken as a great success and shouldn’t fade out the importance of this matter. An estimate shows that 106 billion have been born by now and our current population is just 6% of this number.

Just 4.8% of the population of the world are living in North America.  8.4% live in Latin America and Caribbean,  9.7% in Europe, 7% in Africa, 59.7% in Asia which is the most populated continent and 0.5% in Oceania, the least populated continent of the world.

No one has been counted responsible for the problem in the world indeed. In a view, considering the rates of poverty, accidents, unemployment, crime, reducing the natural resources, climate change and many other factors, population growth is obviously a concern for the future of the world.

In conclusion, birth control is one of the important programs that must be carried out to control population growth for the next generations. 

On the other hand, empty of population areas face undeveloped economy for not having enough human resources, less productivity, lack of enough private market interests and investments; less public power in contrast with more governmental controls and influence that may lead to misconduct; missing the genius ones who could contribute to science, technology and economic developments but wouldn’t be born as a result of population control; risk of human extinction in case of pandemics, natural disasters and wars.

In between no one knows how to eliminate the victims of population growth from the world and all plans have failed in this regard. It seems that there have been numerous inevitable victims in the way of world and human developments of all time.


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