Panhandling continues in Toronto New Year

There are still people looking for some coins in the streets even during the New Year Holiday all over the world.

Beggars are usually not trusted by people to be donated in Canada because most people believe they may have criminal backgrounds or are on addiction or have a mental health condition which has led them in this situation. People prefer to deliver the whole responsibility to the government.

Most people don’t usually have a good view of such people in the streets. They are not welcomed to most places even in the pavements. They are violated and insulted easily with open disrespect by most people. If they aren’t asked to leave where they stay for resting or asking for money, they’d be neglected. They may feel lucky if they receive some changes. It seems their appearance in the condition is a sign that is followed by pre-planned rules to be recognized and treated in a special frame with direction. Most of their human rights in addition to their legal rights are ignored. They aren’t taken serious anywhere, rarely be heard. They don’t have access to what they need to get them out of their miserable conditions. Society sees them as a burden or unwanted ones if they don’t become one of the wanted criminals at last.

They face severe discrimination and social disrespect even when they go to eat in food courts or to purchase something with the money they’ve collected.

Some of them become addicted or drunk, mentally ill or turn to criminals as a result of the condition which is very hard to tolerate. In countries with no governmental medical support, they are deprived of medical care even if they become sick. They are at risk of death because of poverty.

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