Omicron patients in hospitals increasing worldwide

WHO plans to deliver more vaccines to raise the capacity of countries with image of vaccinating %70 of the world by mid 2022.

The reports show that 15 million new cases from around the world have been reported to this organization last week. WHO announced the average of weekly global deaths have remained stable at 48,000 people with no increase since October last year but the number of hospitalized Cov-19 patients is increasing in most countries.

Toronto says: “Hospitals are overwhelmed by cov-19 patients in ICU.” Based on City reports Toronto hospitals meanwhile face staff shortage because of the outbreak.

Severity of Cov-19 outbreak has been reduced recently after Omicron spread because of its less fatality rate in compare with Delta and also because of more vaccinations. In spite of it Omicron still should be considered a dangerous virus especially for unvaccinated people, WHO claims.

In Africa %85 of people are still receiving their first dose.


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