Cov-19 testing unavailable in most pharmacies

Cov-19 testing kits are expensive or unavailable in many pharmacies, medical facilities, even online.

Antigen Rapid Test prices hiked over 1000 Canadian dollars online. Increasing the market demands for Cov-19 tests has become a juicy benefit for some commercial companies during market recession in Cov-19 pandemic term.

Even though in some countries such as India testing is suggested free of charge in major public places but in some other countries such as Philippine and Kenya some commercial companies are trying to get the most financial benefits out of the market. Tests are sold to people in urgent needs at a high price there. The situation makes it harder for lower rank of society to support themselves from the consequences of the outbreak. 

Government funded Cov-19 tests which are delivered free of charge could successfully drop the Cov-19 private market prices at last. If the supports continue with enough capacity it could perhaps push back the market prices sufficiently.

Asymptomatic Rapid Antigen Screening for Cov-19 is available in Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario for $40 per screening with an appointment while self kits are unavailable in most of the pharmacy branches.


Some test kits in best prices are sold under $50 in Canada in low quantities though tests need to be repeated most often in places such as schools, shelters and workplaces. You may try them here in some Websites such as  Rapid Test And Trace or Test Kits.



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