Approaching An Ideal Society

Perhaps it has happened to everyone to stuck in traffic jam or hurt by the others emotionally or even physically.

Environment has a great impact on each of us, but we’d better beware of our effects on our society also. Do we feel responsible for people in trouble instead of blaming them or giving them to the court? Of course if you involve with a horrible person, you’d have no other choice, but I mean before finding yourself trapped in such a disaster, to be smarter than be wondering after occurrence.

How responsible do we feel in regards of the society we live in?

Don’t take me as a boring priest who wants to give you ethical advice. I’m talking about remedies to take steps towards social movements or improvements.

With a glance on history, we understand that human has made great developments in manner, humanity, life quality, politics and more along with science and technology. cruelty and barbarism has changed to civilization, dictatorship and fascism turned to democracy gradually. Human found better options to rule his life and govern it’s society but he’s still in development steps to complete his knowledge to learn how to live better.

People talk about their ideal society and expectations such as social justice, life quality, economic developments and many other matters without knowing how to reach them while some people think of these words just as impossible nice dreams. But we shouldn’t forget that there is always a way to catch a dream and there is always a remedy for a problem somewhere.

To reach to the peak of social developments, first of all we need to identify social contaminants to be able to remove them.

Social contaminants can transfer to other units easily, spread their products and accelerate the increasing rate of social disasters. Social contaminants such as poverty, crime, drug, sex trade, financial and other corruptions, social ranks and more can have an impact on the entire society. We definitely can consider such a society sick. A sick society leaves a big number of victims with an increasing rate. The negative effects of those victims will contaminate the others certainly and the problem spreads in a wide range exactly like a pandemic which had started with one unit of germ.

Can we mask our mouth to avoid the disease in this case? Not for sure.

The remedy has been imprisonment; to quarantine the contaminated ones instead of the germs. How successful we’d been to heal our society in this case by now?

If we look into crime statistics of different countries we can’t find a significant difference over the years. Some of them are even worse, discounting the potential ones. Lower crime rates don’t mean that society is certainly more satisfied than those with have higher crime rates. If keep the crime rates low just by force or fear it doesn’t mean that our society is healthier.

Who is responsible for crime in a society? All of us. We can’t expect the socialists, governments, police or any other unit to carry the burden without interference of people themselves. We all know these primary facts but I’m trying to get us to the point. So everyone must keep an eye on the society to avoid the harm. In a word, a society never becomes healthy completely unless it’s members come in one and support each other.

For sure there’s been some people who knew the keen concept of happiness and became successful, conquered the others, opened their way through but later their generation paid in a reflect or failed to remain the same and were pushed back to the beginning of the cycle.

Can we identify the human contaminants to root out the problems? This is one of the strategies used by many by now. Considering our successful steps towards modernization, developments and humanity this is not acceptable anymore. What we do selecting this way is to kill the patient instead of the germs, like an illiterate or insane person and is too rough to be chosen by human now. Killing a human being of our kind is obviously a wrong way. Instead, we need to heal them.

Will you kill your son if he makes a mistake or becomes sick? Definitely not, so do to the others what you do to your son in trouble. To reach a healthy society, to have a healthy life, we need to root out the cause of each problem. Exactly do the same like healing the infection if you become sick and kill the germs to the last one, instead of killing yourself. All you need to do to confront social problems is to remove the contaminants. We can’t reach this point unless with a corporation.

Another factor that makes a powerful ground for social problems is large populations. Having a huge number of people makes it harder or impossible to cover them all. A large population reduces fair shares. Poor people have been a good resource of labor, defense and consumer and are a great contributors for rich pockets in abusive ways. Population growth pushes the economy towards capitalism and swallows the poor ones, victimize them to serve the richer ones or deprives them completely from their rights and eliminates the equity in a society. In the next awful step sometimes it masks off it’s brutal face and add the poor to the offenders list and even convicts them at the end of tragedy. Of course not all criminals are victims whereas some are identified with it’s original definition. Please read the article; Growth Of Population.

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