Access To Information In Recent Decades

One of the problems we face in speed and technology era is lack of enough access to the correct and reliable information that we need.

Information is more valuable than what we usually care. Lack of access to enough information may have serious effects on people’s life, work and in a deeper look, on society and country economy, culture and people beliefs, quality of life and life styles.

Not everyone knows the real importance of up to date information these days, even though they are in higher level of it’s usage. There are individuals, governments, organizations and businesses involved in specialized usage and application of better classified information. Although ordinary people don’t need that much information in developed levels, sorting common information is still needed for them as well as the specialists. It seems what we expect from internet technology has not been provided yet and needs to be improved.

The obstacles which may prevent people to have access to target information are:

  • Out of reach information
  •  Input and collected information limits because of huge information volumes 
  •  Less control over the internet which causes false or unreliable data to be mixed in distributed information especially through internet
  • Failure to sort entire data with accuracy because of it’s heavy supply
  • Competitive, diplomatic and personal interference in collection and distribution of information
  •  Insufficiency in methods and number of agents that are responsible for gathering data
  •  Untruthful resources of some information 
  • Law, rules and policies.

Many opportunities and possibilities are missed and there’s been an impact on country and family economics, safety and peace, health and well-being of people for this reason. These are problems that can not be eliminated easily from information distribution system because of environmental and human obstacles, but the matter has still capacity to be improved.

Consider someone is looking for a job, lack of access to enough employment spaces may cause the person to be unemployed. Everyone knows that unemployment is not just a personal matter and in a deeper look it’s a social and manipulator problem in social and governmental levels which could be a result of lack of enough access to information.

On the other hand the employers might miss some of the best potential employees which could reduce the future value of industry outputs because of less productivity and efficiency for missing some experts.

Reaching people to their best opportunities in communities and countries is partly depend on the quality of information distribution.

For the purpose of national, economic and cultural developments and promoting the quality of life and education, taking better steps in information distribution is necessary to reach the right information to the right persons.

People should consider the possibility of some false input information and do not trust unknown resources especially online because of less control over the internet. Individuals must improve their skills and knowledge to learn how to extract correct information. Nowadays it’s better for everyone to be skilled to reach, collect and even distribute the information to follow social and human tasks.

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