505 Cov-19 cases admitted to ICU in Ontario

cov-19 ICUDr. Jennifer Kwan from Ontario yesterday published her concerns about cov-19 testing. She expressed that some problems such as eligibility for treatment of the Cov-19 cases or accessibility to the test results are the risks that people who are infected by this virus may face. There is a waiting time for the test results in medical facilities and hospitals that can’t be avoided and makes the situation more difficult and risky. She says it happened that some eligible Cov-19 patients were backordered or the treatment has not been available for some others.

She reported on 12 January, 9783 identified cases of Cov-19, 46* deaths, 56420 tests/day, 85684 pending, 3448 hospitalized and 505 in ICU by Cov-19 in Ontario.

Birgit Umaigba RN, ICU nurse, says that all patients in her ICU unit were Cov-19 positive yesterday. She stressed that they have been unvaccinated or had one dose. 5 nurses of her ICU went sick and now are off. The patients have been in life threatening conditions and even very bad when on break after IV drips. She supposes some of them may not survive.



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